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Construction Department

The major responsibility of the Nagar Nigam in terms of construction is to construct roads and bridges in their defined area using highest quality of materials and technology enabling proper management of roadways and traffic in their defined jurisdiction area. Certainly, Nagar Nigam works for planning, Design, Implementation & Monitoring of various Road and Bridge Construction work within its jurisdiction. Nagar Nigam Ayodhya is completely dedicated to provide construction services to its citizen for betterment of lifestyle of the citizen.

Centralized functions:-
    a. Development permission of high rise, commercial and layouts
    b. Supervision of high-rise and commercial buildings
    c. Permission of hoardings on private premises
    d. Registration of Architects / Engineers/Structural designers per D.C.R.
    e. Framing policies related to the Department.

De-centralized functions:-
    a. Development permission of low-rise non-commercial buildings
    b. Control and Supervision of all development other than high-rise and commercial buildings
    c. Permission for temporary structures of exhibition, fairs etc.
    d. Permission for Tele-Communication Towers.